Application Systems

Combining a large selection of standard hardware components with a customizable software platform, custom alignment systems can be created quickly and cost effectively for a large variety of applications.

Manual Optical Fiber Alignment System

Manual 12-axis (6-axis) Optical Fiber Alignment Stage Unit

Manual 12-axis (6-axis) optical fiber alignment stage units.

Automated Optical Fiber Alignment System

Motorized 12-axis (6-axis) Optical Fiber Alignment Stage Unit

Motorized 12-axis (6-axis) alignment stage units with six pairs of symmetrical axes.

Motorized 3-axis XYθ Stage Unit

Motorized 3-axis XYθ stage unit required for alignment of TOSA (UV cure adhesive mounting type)/ROSA.

Multi Controller

Multi controllers developed for controlling alignment systems.

Micro-step Driver Box with I/O

These micro-step driver boxes have the same shape, emphasizing extensibility.Compact design achieved by built-in drive power supply.


We will respond flexibly to special order.

This is a hexagon socket head cap screw with a vent hole.
These are low outgassing posts which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.
Designed for high stiffness while minimizing the height of the stage.