Beam Shaping Diffusers Holders

This holder is made for use on beam expanding or beam shaping.

Holders for Laser Beam Expanders

Holders for adjusting the angle of a laser beam expander. Compatible with various beam expanders with mounting threads on the input side of the expander. (BE, LBED)

Spatial Filter Holders

Spatial filters are optical instruments for eliminating distorted laser wavefronts and noise to emit beams in clean spherical waves. Used in optical systems such as interferometers and holograms where wavefront quality is critical.

Precision Pinhole / Air Slits

Thin metal foil with a pinhole or slit of less than 400μm.
Used in spatial filters, laser diffraction experiments and microscopic magnification correction.

Two-axis Pinhole / Objective Holders

Holders for mounting a precision pinhole (PA) or precision air slit (FSL) and to adjust the position of the pinhole.

Iris Diaphragm Holders

Iris diaphragm holders that can change the aperture size without changing the center of the aperture.
Uses include changing the depth of field by controlling the lens aperture in imaging systems and passing necessary laser beam while blocking optical feedback or stray light in laser experiments.

Adjustable Slits

Adjustable slits have two razor sharp opposing blades that can be adjusted to vary the air gap between them.
Typical uses include spectrophotometers, Schlieren optical systems and diffraction experiments.
Especially useful in spectrometry and Schlieren optical systems where the slit can be varied tooptimize the light intensity and resolution of the instrument.

This is a special tool for replace a adjustment screw with a electric actuators.
Stepping motor driven stages, ideal for positioning of measuring instruments or inspection tools for which high stiffness and high precision ...
Adapter for optical fiber connections.