Optics & Optical Coatings

A beamsplitter is an optic that splits light into 2 directions.The split ratio of light transmittance and reflectance is 1:1 and is called a half mirror.

Half Mirror Cube

Non-polarizing Cube Half Mirrors

This is a half mirror that has an even 1:1 ratio of reflection and transmission in both linear polarized light and normal light source.

Hybrid Cube Half Mirrors

Low polarizing cube half mirrors that can be used for broadband visible and infrared light.

Chromium Cube Half Mirrors

Chromium cube half mirrors consist of two right angle prisms. One of them is coated with chromium (Cr) on the hypotenuse face. Half mirror divides ...

Dielectric Cube Half Mirrors

Dielectric cube half mirrors consist of two right angle prisms.

Half Mirror Plate

Ultra Broadband Dieletric Half Mirrors

Half-Mirror optics designed for use in Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared wavelengths.

Thin Plate Beamsplitter

Extremely thin beamsplitter.

Laser Line Plate Half Mirrors

Laser line plate mirrors are part of plate beamsplitters that are optically coated with dielectric multi-layer on the surface of optical parallels ...

Chromium Plate Half Mirrors

Chromium plate half mirrors are part of plate beamsplitters that are coated with chromium (Cr) on the surface of optical parallels or wedged substr...


Dielectric Cube Beamsplitters

Cube beamsplitters with dielectric multi-layer coated to the oblique faces of a 45° right angle prism. Divides beams at reflected light (R) : trans...

Dielectric Plate Beamsplitters

Plate-type beam splitters with a dielectric multi-layer coat on a parallel plate and a wedge substrate. Divides beams at a reflected light (R) : tr...

Variable Beamsplitter

With a variable beam splitter, the incident angle of a laser can be changed. The (R:T) ratios can also be modified.

Light path corrector

The beam shift caused by the tilt of the beam splitter can be removed by using with a correcting plate.

Harmonic Separator

Harmonic Separators

Harmonic separators are part of dichoric mirrors used to separate specific YAG harmonic from other harmonics.

Beam Samplers

Beam Samplers

A beam sampler behaves like a plate beam splitter, it has the ability to reflect approximately 5.2% of the entire beam.

Polka Dot Beamsplitter

Polka Dot Beam Splitter

The polka dot beam splitter is a beam splitter that has been made by the aluminum coating of halftone dots (polka dots) on the glass substrate.

Cells and biomolecules can be freely handled with an optical hand.
An adhesive-free optical connector made using glass fusing technology for flexibility with high power applications consisting of different fi...
Adapter for optical fiber connections.