Application Systems

Based on technologies developed in the field of optics, it supports the work using the microscope.
It is possible to the customization suitable for a work and a research.

Micro manipulation System

Cells and biomolecules can be freely handled with an optical hand.

Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type

A new lineup of Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type is now available.

IR-LEGO Infrared Laser-Evoked Gene Operator

A system to trigger expression of desired genes under biological microscope.

Shutter Systems for Microscope

Electromagnetic shutter systems for microscope illumination. Compatible with incorporation into an existing microscope, and easy to install and remove. These shutter systems are best suited for microscopy such as multi-point time lapse microscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

Motorized XY Stage System for microscopes (Bios-Light)

We provide XY stages for microscopes at low prices.

Motorized XY Stage System for microscopes

Applicable to various microscopes using penetrated illumination (LED illumination) and epi-illumination. Efficient in all sorts of sample inspections and image acquisitions.
Feedback control by built-in optical linear scale substantializes high accuracy in positioning.

Motorized XY stage system for inverted microscopes

Highly accurate motorized stage, Easily mountable on your existing microscope.

Motorized XY stage system for upright microscope

Highly accurate motorized stage applicable to slideglasses and schales.

These are low outgassing mirror holders which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.
The Helium Neon laser modules have a robust mechanical design, excellent beam quality and long service life of up to 20,000 hours. Standard a...
This is a hexagon socket head cap screw with a vent hole.