Motorized Stages
Controllers / Drivers

Single axis Stage Controller

Low cost single axis stage controller with built-in 5-phase stepping motor driver.

2 axis Stage Controller

2 axis Stage Controller

3 axis Stage Controllers

HSC-103 is designed to operate medium to high current 5-phase motor stages. The driver design reduces noise and vibration compared to older stepper motor drivers.

Intelligent Positioning System

Single axis controller with built-in micro-step driver and 5 buttons for quick access to memorized locations.

2 Axis / 4 Axis Stage Controllers

2 axis and 4 axis stage controllers with built-in display and micro-step driver.

Extensible Stage Controller

Modular stage control system with Master controller and from one to eight slave Axes.

Pulse Generating Controller

4-axis pulse generator type controller that can be connected to the various motor drivers.

Joystick Terminal

Dedicated joystick terminal for the GSC-02 controller

Jog Dial

Manual operation of motorized stages is possible using the JOG buttons or JOG dial. The RATE button allows easy switching of the travel per click (2 steps). Mode switching between SHOT-302GS/SHOT-304GS and switching of travel speed (4 steps) can be performed at using the front parel buttens.

Joy Stick / Jog Operation Box

Remote controls for SHOT-302GS/304GS, SHOT-702, PGC-04-U, and HSC-103.


Drivers List

These are low outgassing base plates for fixing vacuum holders and vacuum stages in the optical baseplates.
These are low outgassing posts which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.
These are low outgassing pedestal bases for vacuum mirror holders and lens holders.