D-TOP optical system offers a new alternative to the optical experiment. By breaking the stereotype that says “optical system can not be moved due to the heavy and large”, we propose a highly stable optical system that is capable of carrying with a compact size.

φ20 Post Holder

It is a post stand of φ20mm that has been optimized for the low optical axis and compact for D-TOP.

D-TOP Base plate

Square type

It is a base plate to fix φ20mm post stand. By only a little loosing a clamping screw of slotted, it can be replaced holders without changing posit...

Rectangle type

It is a base plate to fix φ20mm post stand. It is used when thin elements such as a lens and a polarizer are placed close to the optical axis.

D-TOP Breadboard

It is a breadboard of B4 size for D-TOP. To remove wasted space regarding the placement of the existing holders, it adopted a matrix M3-16mm tap hole.

These are low outgassing base plates for fixing vacuum holders and vacuum stages in the optical baseplates.
These are low outgassing mirror holders which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.
Stepping motor driven rotation stages fitted with bearing guide and worm gear feed mechanism.