Optical System & Interferometers

D-TOP optical system offers a new alternative to the optical experiment. By breaking the stereotype that says “optical system can not be moved due to the heavy and large”, we propose a highly stable optical system that is capable of carrying with a compact size.

φ20 Post Holder

It is a post stand of φ20mm that has been optimized for the low optical axis and compact for D-TOP.

D-TOP Base plate

D-TOP Breadboard

It is a breadboard of B4 size for D-TOP. To remove wasted space regarding the placement of the existing holders, it adopted a matrix M3-16mm tap hole.

An adhesive-free optical connector made using glass fusing technology for flexibility with high power applications consisting of different fi...
A new lineup of Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type is now available.
Cleaner to blows dust and dirt from optics with clean compressed gas.