Optical System & Interferometers
D-TOP Module

Various modules used in the D-TOP optics

Laser Module

Module for He-Ne laser of the linearly polarized light with excellent coherence.

Mirror Module

Module that is bent 90 degrees to the optical path using a mirror with high surface accuracy.

Polarizer Module

Module for converting the polarization direction and adjusting the light amount.

Hybrid Cube Half Mirror Module

Module using a half mirror of broadband cube. The branching ratio of reflected light and transmitted light is 1:1.

Plate Half Mirror Module

Module using a plate half mirror.
The branching ratio of reflected light and transmitted light is 1:1.

Lens Module (Plano Convex Lenses)

Modules for forming the sample to the image sensor or focusing the light on the detector.

Camera Module

Module using a color camera of USB output. It is possible to project the image to a PC.

Waveplate Module

PBS Module

Combined or separated vertically polarized light and horizontally polarized light.

Lens Module

Moveable Mirror Module

Module that can vary the optical path length by moving a mirror reflected vertically to a stage.

Optical Path Switching Mirror Module

Module that can remove the mirror holder in the long stroke stage from the optical axis.

Small Sample Holder Module

In order to grab a very small sample, module that is diverted to SELFOC® lens holder.

Concave Sample Holder Module

Module that can fix the test concave sample and adjust precisely.

Prototype Beam Splitter Module

Beam splitter module that is used for the reference surface of the Fizeau interferometer.

A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.
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Stepping motor driven rotation stages utilizing precision bearings and worm gear drive mechanisms.