Darkrooms / Dark Boxes

This is a simple version of dark both, easy setting with accessories included. Customs requirement of dark booth is also available upon on requuest.

Darkroom Kits / Clean Darkroom Kits

Theres darkrooms are composed of a steel fram and block out curtains.

Clean Darkroom Equipment

Accessories needed for dark booth.

Ventilation fans designed to keep out external light. They are two types: an exhaust version (DRU-VF) and a suction version (DRU-IF).

Ventilation fans specially engineered to keep out external light; available in two types: an exhaust type (DRU-VF) and a suction type (DRU-IF).

White LED Light

Head Twist Switch Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP54)

Clock with fluorescent dial

Features a fluorescent dial, making this clock convenient for reading or setting the time in the darkroom.

Spirit Levels

Levels convenient for installing a vibration isolator, optical laboratory bench, or various other instruments.

Darkrooms / Dark Boxes

Accessory designed for a custom-built vibration isolator or optical lab bench.

Designed for high stiffness while minimizing the height of the stage.
Low price motorized stages fitted with integrated extended contact bearings and precision ground screws.
ZMS series are binocular microscopes which have long working distance. These can be used for making observations of sterically congested samp...