Darkrooms / Dark Boxes

This is a simple version of dark both, easy setting with accessories included. Customs requirement of dark booth is also available upon on requuest.

Darkroom Kits / Clean Darkroom Kits

Theres darkrooms are composed of a steel fram and block out curtains.

Clean Darkroom Equipment

Accessories needed for dark booth.

Ventilation fans designed to keep out external light. They are two types: an exhaust version (DRU-VF) and a suction version (DRU-IF).

Ventilation fans specially engineered to keep out external light; available in two types: an exhaust type (DRU-VF) and a suction type (DRU-IF).

White LED Light

Head Twist Switch Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP54)

Clock with fluorescent dial

Features a fluorescent dial, making this clock convenient for reading or setting the time in the darkroom.

Spirit Levels

Levels convenient for installing a vibration isolator, optical laboratory bench, or various other instruments.

Darkrooms / Dark Boxes

Accessory designed for a custom-built vibration isolator or optical lab bench.

Holders for transmissive optics that do not require optical alignment such as ND filters and color filters. Designed to accommodate different...
High precision/high stiffness stages driven by AC servo motor.
Precision 0.1mm thread pitch fine adjustment screw introduces high resolutions. It is thinner than MHG mounts.