Holders & Mounts
Fiber Holders

FC Type Fiber Optics Holders

Micro Lens Claws

Holders for fixing micro lenses of φ3mm or less.

Precision Mini-Fiber Optics Holders

Precision Mini-Fiber Optics Holders

Fiber Optics Mounts

Fiber holders equipped with an adjustment mechanism for three axes including vertical, horizontal and focus direction.

Laser Forcusing Holder

These holders convert the diverging ray from an optical fiber with FC or SMA type connector to a collimated beam using an objective lens.

Optical Fiber Collimator

Components of the fiber-optic collimator.

The holder to guide the light from the LED light source or fiber laser.
High precision motorized goniometers with integrated bearing ways for superior stiffness, accuracy and durability.Their smooth motion makes t...
Motorized crossed roller stages that combine compactness, low-profile and high durability.