Manual Stages
Goniometer Stages

Goniometers are rotation stages that rotate about an axis that is located at a distance above the surface of the stage.
Used for direction adjustment and correction, or tilting and rotation of samples.
Products with different guide mechanisms or feed mechanisms are also available.

Extended Contact Ball Bearing Guide

High precision goniometers with integrated bearing ways for superior stiffness, accuracy and durability.

V-Groove Guide

Aluminum goniometers incorporating a V-groove guide and leadscrew drive for enhanced durability.

Alignment Pins

Alignment pins insure that two stages that are stacked have their centers aligned, reducing assembly time.

Cells and biomolecules can be freely handled with an optical hand.
This is a hexagon socket head cap screw with a vent hole.
These are low outgassing pedestal bases for vacuum mirror holders and lens holders.