Holders & Mounts
Laser Holders

This holder is made to hold a laser.

Cylindrical Laser Mounts (Three-point support)

Holders for He-Ne lasers.
The six screws can be used to adjust the height and angle of the mounted laser tube.

Adjustable Laser Holders (with a stand)

Cylindrical Laser mounts for use with vibration isolated Rod Mount system. The damped structure makes the holders appropriate for use in holograms or interferometry.

Kinematic Laser Holders

Holders for precisely adjusting tilt and rotation of He-Ne lasers.
Appropriate for holding a guide laser of invisible laser and use as a fixed type pointer.

Fiber focusers consist of a GI lens with a base material machined to the desired diameter and length, mated to a single-mode optical fiber. T...
Motorized crossed roller stages that combine compactness, low-profile and high durability.
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