Optics & Optical Coatings


Optical Cleaning Kit

A Kit of tools for holder and stage cleaning.

Cleaning Tools

Handy Optical Cleaning Kits

Optical Cleaning Kit for cleaning optical components such as lenses, mirrors and prisms.

Handy Optical Cleaning Kits (Handy tape)

Handy Optical Cleaning Kit for off-site maintenance cleaning of optical components such as lenses, mirrors and prisms.

Dust-Off Plus

Dust-Off Plus for dust removal from optical components using compressed gas.

Lens Cleaner

Our special formulated optics cleaner is designed to remove stubborn stains, fingerprints and foreign particles while being gentle to optics.

Lens Paper

Papers for cleaning optics such as lenses, prisms, or mirrors.

Wiping Cloth

Cloth for wiping dust off optics such as lenses, prisms, or mirrors. 0.1-denier ultrafine filaments grab and hold dust particles.


Dry Cabinet® (Electronic Drying Case)

Damp-proof storage cabinets, suitable for storing optics such as lenses, mirrors, and prisms, and other optical hardware at a certain humidity

Dust Cover (Dust-proof Bag)

Designed to protect your optical systems and measuring instruments that houses optical components like mirror, lens, prism and other delicate preci...

Stages that combined a light-weight Z axis aluminum stage, which integrated the stage with a Z axis bracket, with an X axis aluminum stage.
Stepping motor driven stages, ideal for positioning of measuring instruments or inspection tools from which high stiffness and high precision...
High precision Z axis stages fitted with precision ball screws and precision crossed roller.