Micrometer Heads (Maintenance parts)

Micrometer heads used with OptoSigma Brand manual stages and holders.

Nut Drivers

Special tool required to remove or secure micrometer heads.

Sub-micron Worm Drive Micrometer Heads

Fitted with Sigma Koki’s unique worm-gear mechanism to enable coarse and fine adjustment over the entire travel (13mm).
The compact design is suitable for downsizing systems or reducing adjustment time.

Angled Micrometer Heads

Unique right angle drives are direct replacements for micrometer heads used on OptoSigma Brand manual stages. Unidirectional control units are suitable for assembly into systems, offering excellent operability in confined spaces and improving work efficiency.

Auxiliary spacer plates for pedestal (SP-T). This product enables fine adjustment that cannot be managed with adapter plates for pedestal.
High precision and high stiffness stainless steel stages that have guide grooves on both the quenched stainless steel stage main body and mov...
It is a small angle adjusting automatic rotation stages using in the alignments for a marker of semiconductor wafer.