Application Systems
Microscope Unit

We provide three different types of observation system.
For the purposes of experiment or work, you can select an appropriate observation system.

Zoom Microscope

Microscope unit with combination of high resolution objective lenses and 12× zoom range.
This single unit covers from the overall image check to the magnified observation.

Long Working distance Zoom Microscope

Maximum working distance of 500mm.
Suitable for observing the inside of vacuum chambers and ovens in the special environment.

Zoom Microscope Option

Variety of options.

Rear converter lens

By mounting this rear converter lens between the camera and lens barrel, it will be able to enlarge the optical magnification without changing the ...

Ring Light Guide

It is suitable for the case that you do not want to generate a shadow of the lighting from 360° diagonal direction and that you observe the highlig...

Focusing unit / Pole stand

The focusing unit can be installed to the observation unit with coaxial illumination and Zoom microscope. And it can be used as a microscope stand ...

Partial light blocking cassette

By blocking the co-axial illumination partially, surface is illuminated with grazing-incidence and microscopic asperity is emphasized during observ...

Image measurement software

This is an integrated software system that easily can be used by a PC mouse, and it enables to carry out image measurement and analysis, image stor...

Observation unit with coaxial illumination

This compact microscope is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment.

Observation unit with coaxial illumination Option

Variety of options.

Dichroic case for laser introduction

It is a product that is mounted to observation unit with coaxial illumination, and that introducing a laser beam to the observation optical system ...

C mount adapter

This is the adapter for attachment to the observation unit with illumination and for the position alignment of the C mount camera.

Auto Focus (TTL type)

The TTL method is a built-in laser diode radiates to surface of works through an objective lens, and optical sensor receives its reflected beam also through the objective lens and detects the difference from graticule.

Auto Focus (Separate type)

The focus laser with large spot and laser detector are aligned at a large angle; outside of the objective lens. The focus is maintained by minimizing the error signal generated by the sensor.

Lens Positioners

We offer the optimiged lens positioner for both manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment that require high throughput.

Lens Positioners

This is an objective lens positioner that realizes both high performance and lower prices with our company's original positioning technology and pr...


This is the adapter for connecting the lens positioners (electric revolver/lens switching slider) to observation unit with coaxial illumination .

Microscope Systems

ZMS series are binocular microscopes which have long working distance. These can be used for making observations of sterically congested samples such as circuit boards ,or dynamic image of samples.

Microscope Systems (ZMS)

Designed to continuously change magnification by zooming, smooth observations are fulfilled.

Microscope Systems (ZMM)

With a long working distance, it is suitable for observation while moving the sample and for the visual inspection by

Microscope Systems Option

Variety of options.

Color Camera

Three types of interface are available to suit your application.

Handy Microscope

Easy handling and long working distance (WD) upright image microscope.

Handy Microscope

Free combination from the eyepiece and the objective lens.


Eyepiece (×10)

Objective Lens

Long working distance objective lens.


Utilizing an optional adapter bracket, combinational use with our translation and rotation stages is easily realized.

This is a post holder for adjusting optical axis height of the holders with vacuum posts.
The Helium Neon laser modules have a robust mechanical design, excellent beam quality and long service life of up to 20,000 hours. Standard a...
These are low outgassing pedestal bases for vacuum mirror holders and lens holders.