Optical Bases

A line-up of height adjustment for Optical banch, flate-board, base-plate,

Optical Rails

Large Optical Rails

Large Optical Rails have a tube-shaped cross section with fins extending radially in four directions.

Large Low-Profile Optical Rails

Designed to be directly mounted on top of a vibration isolator or optical laboratory bench using M6 bolts.

Carriers for Large Optical Rails

Mounted on a large optical rail (OBA-L/LH) or large low-profile optical rails (OBT-LH) freely slide along the rail and can be locked in place.

Medium Optical Rails

Medium Optical Rails have an X-shaped cross section with fins extending radially in four directions.

Medium Low-Profile Optical Rails

50mm-wide 25mm-high rail is designed to be directly secured on top of a laboratory bench while keeping a low optical axis.

Carriers for Medium Optical Rails

Carriers mount on a medium optical rail, slide freely and can be locked in place at any location.

Rail Feet

Can be attached to a large optical rail (OBA-L/LH) to provide ±8mm height-adjustment capability.

Feet for Large Optical Rails

OBT is a thin plate type of Rail Feet; it is made to be matched with OBT-LH/SH optical rail. It allows +/−10mm heigth adjustment.

Compact Aluminum Rails - MICROR Series -

Enables an optical system oriented in any three-dimensional configuration by connecting aCompact aluminum rail via the tapped holes on the six side...

Base Plates

Magnet Base

Designed to arbitrarily lay out and secure optical-system units on top of an optical vibration isolator or laboratory bench (flat surface of magnet...

Flexible Post Holder

Post Clamp can be moved freely by loosening the clamp handle to reposition post mounted holders quickly and easily.

Base Plate

Designed to mount optical units on vibration isolators or laboratory benches with M6 tapped holes.

Base Clamps

Clamp for use with BSP series M6 base plates.

M6 Conversion Adapters

Adapter for converting a mounting hole from M6 to M4.

Kinematic Bases/Kinematic Base Plate

Kinematic base consisting of upper and lower plates, where the top plate secures a holder or equipment while the bottom plate is fixed on an optica...

Optical Baseplates

Optical Baseplates (With attached grips)

Black Anodized Aluminum Base Plates.

Optical Baseplates

The OBC model has M4 tapped holes on 25×25mm matrix, and the OBB model has M2 tapped holes on 10×10mm matrix.

Optical Baseplates(INCH)

Standard 1/4-20 (M6) on inch (25mm) center hole patterns.

Height adjustment accessories

Aluminum Spacers (25 × 25mm)

Spacers forr 40 × 40 mm positioning stages.

Aluminum Spacers (40 × 40mm)

Spacers for 40 × 40 mm positioning stages.

Aluminum Spacers (60 × 60mm)

Spacers for 60 × 60 mm positioning stages.

Adjustable Adapter Kits

Platform for adjusting the height of optical axis.

Custom Adjustable Adapter Kits

Custom Posts longer than the lengths listed in the catalog (but within 300mm) as well as additional processing are available.

A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.
This is a post holder for adjusting optical axis height of the holders with vacuum posts.
These are low outgassing pedestal bases for vacuum mirror holders and lens holders.