Optical System & Interferometers
Optical Cage System

It is an optical system configuration tool that can incorporate various optical elements into three (or four) long rods placed around it.
Three-dimensional optical system arrangement is possible by using a mirror holder to joint with the rod.

Framework & Mirror Holder

It is a part making up the framework of the optical cage system.The parts that will become joints of the rod have a built-in mirror holder function.

Cage Gimbal Mirror Mount

A cube-like joint in which rods are mounted in four directions, and a gimballed mirror holder is arranged inside.

Cage Mounting Cube

A cube-like joint in which rods are mounted in four directions.

Cage Gimbal Mount

A gimballed mirror holder that can be placed anywhere on the rod. It can reflect the light path at an arbitrary angle.

Cage 45-Degree Mirror Mounts

A triangular mirror holder that can bend the rod and optical axis to 90 degrees. It can precisely adjust the angle of the mirror.

Cage Normal Incidence Mirror Mounts

It is a mirror holder for normal incidence placed at the end of the rod. Precise angle adjustment is possible with the kinematic mirror mount.

Cage Rod Pitch Conversion Plate

An adapter plate to convert P30 (Dia. 6mm rods, 30mm pitch between the rods) system into P16 (Dia. 4mm rods, 16mm pitch between the rods).

Cage Post Mounting Base

It is a part for attaching the cage system to the post stand and others.

Cage Guide Rods

It is a rod for configuring the cage system.

Optic Mounts

Cage Slot in Fixed Optic Mounts (Standard)

It is a holder for incorporating optical elements such as lenses and filters into the cage system.

Cage Optic Adapter

It is a conversion adapter to attach an optics with an outer diameter smaller than the adaptive size of the holder.

Objective Lens Holders

Cage Fixed Objective Lens Holders (Slot in)

It is a holder for incorporating the objective lens into the cage system.

Cage Objective Lens Focus Mount

This is the stage for installing the objective lens in the cage system and adjusting the focus.

Polarizer Holders

Cage Polarizer Holders

It is a holder for incorporating the optical polarizer into the cage system.

Two-axis Optic Holders

Cage Two-axis Optic Holders

It is a holder that can place a pinhole in the cage system and fine adjust the position of the pinhole in the plane.

Objective Lens Adapter

It is a conversion adapter for attaching the objective lens to the XY lens holder.

Prism Holders

Cage Prism Holders

It is a holder for incorporating a prism such as a cube beam splitter into the cage system.

Iris Diaphragm Holders

Cage Iris Diaphragm Holders

A holder for incorporating the iris diaphragm into the cage system.

C-mount Adapter Mount

Cage C-mount Adapters

It is an adapter for attaching the C-mount camera and camera lens to C-mount Adapter Mount.

Cage C-mount Adapter Mount

It is a holder for incorporating the camera and camera lens attached to the C-mount Adapter into the cage system.

Alignment Targets

Cage Alignment Targets

It is a target plate used for optical axis adjustment of the cage system.

These are stainless steel iris diaphragms which can change it's aperture size. It is mainly used for optical axis alignment of the laser beam...
A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.
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