Optical Tables

A simple optical bench without anti-vibration system, fit for simple installation for a quick experiment work.

Guide on Special Orders for Vibration Isolator

We can provide a wide variety of sizes, shapes or precision not listed in the catalog or for additional processing of products listed in the catalog.

Overhead Table Shelf System

OSDOTS series (Overhead Table Systems) are good for off-the-isolated table mounting or storage, such as power supplies, controllers, oscilloscopes, and other instruments, so vivration isolation will not be affected. The height of shelf can be easily adjusted and optional hanging under-shelf additionally installed at the desired position under main shelf for more storage or mounting.

Air Compressor

We provide exclusive air compressors at very competitive price for customers who have no air supply systems. Our exclusive air compressors have compact design and less noise, can be installed and operated easily.

High precision and high stability rotation motorized stages fitted with bearing positioning slide.
This is a post holder for adjusting optical axis height of the holders with vacuum posts.
These are low outgassing stand clamps for fixing vacuum stand bases.