Motorized Stage
Piezo Motorized Stages

Sensor used for position detection of Piezo actuator.

Sigma Fine (Piezo) Stages (high stiffness type)

These piezo stages achieved fine movement of theor etical resolution of 1nm, offering high precision, high stiffness and high speed with adoption of digital sensors.

XY Piezo Stages Aperture Type

A high precision positioning XY axis stage with 50×50mm aperture fitted with a piezo element as an actuator and digital sensor for position feedback, suitable for fine movement of samples under a microscope.

Piezo Actuator for Objective Lens

Objective lens actuator for inverted microscope employing a piezo element as actuator and digital sensor for feedback.

SFS Controllers

Controllers with built-in piezo drivers for single axis / 3 axes.

ECS Positioners

With Industrial Line positioners, attocube has genuinely combined highest precision piezodrive technology with extremely rugged, yet cost effective design.

ECS Positioners (Main Body)

Industrial Line positioners by attocube combine high precision piezodrive technology with extremely rugged, cost effective design.

This a precision aspherical lens that can condense the light into the range of diffraction limit when plane wave is incident. This is used wh...
A compact stand-alone type beam measuring device with an integrated touch screen.
It is the product that was reduced by one rank from the surface quality of Plano Convex Lens (SLB-P).