Polarizer Holders

This holder is made for rotation of a polarizer.

Polarizer Holders

Holders used to adjust the orientation of polarization plates and waveplates.
Appropriate for use in precision polarization experiments as the mechanism allows smooth 360 degrees rotation on the optical axis.

Polarizing Prism Holders

Holders for adjusting the orientation of various sizes of polarizing prisms including Glan-Thompson prisms. Appropriate for precision alignment of Glan-Thompson prisms or for polarimeter devices.

Polarizer Holders (None adapter)

Polarizer holder is fitted with a variety of adapter.

Adapter for Polarizer Holders

We offer an adapter to match the shape of the polarizing prism of various.

Stepping motor driven stages, ideal for positioning of measuring instruments or inspection tools for which high stiffness and high precision ...
Adapter for optical fiber connections.
Protect eyes from accidental exposure to scattered lasers by using laser shield curtains or laser windows.