Pedestal Bases offer flexible positioning of optical units at fixed heights in limited spaces.

Pedestral Bases

Posts holders

It is available for a fine-turn to any height, by using a post stand with the lineup of 15 – 76.2mm height and a dedicated spacer.

Pedestal Clamps

Clamps for Pedestal Bases (PST).

Adapter Plates for Pedestal

Auxiliary parts for Pedestal Bases.

Pedestal Adapters

Auxiliary spacer plates for pedestal (SP-T). This product enables fine adjustment that cannot be managed with adapter plates for pedestal.

Small Pedestal Base

Small post stand is suitable for connection of an adaptive optics mount holder of φ15 mm or less.

Small Pedestal Adapters

As a spacer for small post stand, it corrects the deviation of the height of the optical axis.

Posts holders

High Stability Ball Plunger Post Holders

The hole shape was modified to hold a post with two lines and one point instead of one line and one point, offering improved holding stability comp...

Post Holders

Used for height and rotational coarse adjustment of a post-equipped holder.

Stand Base/Stand Clamp

The base can be used to secure the rod stand in a small space.

C shape post collars

Accessory parts for posts (RO)

Post collars

Post Ring accessory used to avoid post dropping.

Clamp Screws (For post holders)

Clamps for high stability ball plunger post holders (BRS-12, BRS-20) and post holders (RS-12, RS-20, RS-30).

Helicoidal 15mm Jacks

Coarse adjustment Helicoidal Jack.

Helicoidal Post Holders

Helicoidal Post Holder.

Collet Post Holders

Collet Post Holder.

Rack and Pinion Geared Post Holders

Rack and Pinion Post Holder offers fast and easy height adjustment.

Rod Mount Module / Z Angle Brackets

Rod Mount Modules attach directly to the vibration isolator or laboratory bench.

Posts / Poles


Stainless steel pole with an M16P1 external thread at one end. Used in combination with a cross clamp or rotary cross clamp.


Stainless steel posts.

Posts (RO-EE/UU)

In case of using this rod, without buying a new rod, it is possible to be set the holder or the like to the various optical axis height.

Thread Adapters

It is used for extension rod (RO-12.7-**).

Dog Point Set Screws

We offer two types of M4 and 8-32UNC as a stop screw.

Question Sheet for Special Order Posts

Custom sizes not listed in the catalog are available.

Cross Clamps

Cross clamps connect two posts at right angles.

Rotary Cross Clamps

Cross clamps connect two posts at right angles.

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The Helium Neon laser modules have a robust mechanical design, excellent beam quality and long service life of up to 20,000 hours. Standard a...
This is a hexagon socket head cap screw with a vent hole.