Optics & Optical Coatings

By processing the various forms of glass, the prism produces a special effect due to refraction.
Since there is no angular offset that after manufacture, it is also used as a reference angle for accurate angle.

Right Angle Prisms

Coated Right Angle Prisms

Right-angle prism can be used as a substitute for the mirror

Right Angle Prisms

It is a prism which is not coated and can be used in various applications, such as total internal reflection critical angle and wavelength dispersion.

Right Angle Prisms(high performance type)

Prism with high performance polishing and strict inspection process.

Right Angle Prisms(Commodity type)

Prism with high efficient and high volume production to maintain the cost.

Knife Edge Right Angle Prisms

Observing a reflected image can be seamless natural because it does not have chamfered edges at right angles, and it is perpendicular to the line o...

Knife Edge Right Angle Prisms (with a Coat)

It is a prism which was sharply polished the right angle ridge line across the bottom of the two sides.


Corner Cube Prisms

The corner cube can reflect the incident light back its original source. It is used in length measurement system as its reflector.

Corner Cube Prism Holders

We are provide holder made specifically for this corner cube, please ask our sales department for detail.

Hollow Retro-reflectors

The hollow retro-reflector is similar to the corner cube; it reflects the incident light back to its original source.

Equilateral Dispersing Prisms

Equilateral Dispersing Prisms

Equilateral dispersing prisms disperse a light into its different colors and are used for spectrum analyzing experiments and instruments.

Other Prisms

Dove Prisms

Observe an image through the dove prism; you will see the image in inversion.

Dove Prisms Holders

Dove prism mounted with turnable holder.

Penta Prisms

By reflecting twice in the mirror, it converts the image of the same object and erect a reflection image of mirror symmetry.

Brewster dispersing littrow type prism

This is the incident angle of the prism apex angle of the prism was adjusted so that the dispersion was Brewster angle.

Pellin Broca prism

Pellin Broca prism is a one of the dispersing Brewster prism and is characterized to emit in the direction of perpendicular to the incident.

Light Pipe

It is an optical element for the illumination of uniform brightness distribution from a light having a non-uniform brightness distribution.

Light pipe adapter

This is the adapter for fixing the light pipe (LPB / LPSQ) and attaching to the mirror holder and lens holder.

Contact for Special Order for Prism

It is also available for custom fabrication of a prism of which size is different in the catalog.

Other Prisms

Parabolic lens of internal reflection type

Parabolic lens of internal reflection type is an optical element that can collect the lights on the emitting end surface.

Prism Sheet

It is used when changing the incident direction or diffusing a light source that there is directional.

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Adapter for optical fiber connections.
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