Manual Stages
Rotation Stages

Stages used for adjustment by rotating samples.
Coarse/fine movement type, transmission hole type, lowprofile square type and other types are available to suit your purpose.

Extended Contact Ball Bearing Guide

Thin Type Rotation Stage with Central Aperture

Square footprint θ-axis rotation stages with a clear aperture at the center, achieving table thickness of 10mm. Allows installation in arbitrary di...


θ Axis Rotation Stages

θ axis (rotation) coarse/fine adjustment stages with plane bearings offer coarse rotation adjustment of 360° and fine adjustment (with either a mic...

θ Axis Rotation Stages with Aperture

Light-weight and high precision aluminum rotation stages.The through hole at the center of the stage can be used as a transmission hole.

θ Axis Rotation Stages

The top plate of KSC stage can be rotated 360°(coarse) by turning the handle attached side of the top plate. It is a general-purpose θ axis stage w...

Crossed Roller

θ Axis Rotation Stages with Aperture

Brass stage and steel crossed roller offer high precision and high stiffness.


θ Axis Rotation Stages with Square Top

The KSSA stages are unique fine rotation stages having a square table top.

Worm Nut and Gear Drive

θ Axis Rotation Stages (Worm Nut and Gear Drive)

Driven by a worm gear, these rotation stages are capable of precise adjustment over a full 360°rotation.

Designed for high stiffness while minimizing the height of the stage.
Dove prism mounted with turnable holder. The rotation center of the optics and the holder is adjustable.
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