Manual Stages

Extended Contact Ball Bearing Guide

Stainless Steel Linear Stages suitable for hard vacuum and clean room applications have the same design and performance as TSD stages.
Completely made of stainless steel, they offering excellent corrosion resistance.
Both the stage and the stainless steel micrometer head are lubricated with a high grade vacuum grease (YVAC2).


θ axis (rotation) coarse/fine adjustment stages that use a fitting method, offering coarse rotation adjustment of 360° and fine adjustment (micrometer head).
Directly rotate the stage top plate for coarse adjustment, and clamp the coarse adjustment part and use micrometer head (±5°) for fine adjustment.


α Axis Stainless Steel Goniometers (GOHT)

Goniometers with dovetail slide and worm gear construction for angular adjustment of heavy loads.

This is a hexagon socket head cap screw with a vent hole.
This is a post holder for adjusting optical axis height of the holders with vacuum posts.
These are low outgassing mirror holders which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.