Controllers for driving SSH electromagnetic shutters.
It can operate two units of different types of electromagnetic shutters concurrently.

◦By switching the shutter type, this contr oller can control the SSH-R (old blade type), SHPS (for high-power laser), and BSH (for bio) shutters in addition to SSH-25RA and SSH-S.
◦What is required for changing settings such as shutter speed, delay time, and repeat count is only the control knob.
◦With the dedicated softwar e, shutter control and change of various settings can be done with a PC.
◦This controller allows registration of control signals (up to thr ee types) for unknown mechanical electr omagnetic shutters (only those for which contr ol signal formats ar e released), and can close and open the shutters accor ding to their performance. (Please check the instruction manual and make sure that setting of control signals is possible before use.)

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Technical Data

▶Cables compatible with the old type shutters are also available.
▶USB cables (USB-2) and RS232C cables (RS232C/STR-3) are also available to connect with a PC.(W9053)


▶This shutter controller does not come with cables. Please check the shutter specification and select the appropriate cable.
▶A shutter does not open and close properly if the shutter connected to the controller is different from the shutter type selected with the controller. Please specify the correct shutter type.
▶To use a shutter other than Sigma Koki shutters, please set the appropriate voltage and pulse time. Wrong settings may damage the shutter.

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Part Number
Controllable Number of Units Power Voltage Power consumption Operating temperature Functions Shutter Control Voltage *1 Shutter control current *2 Shutter Speed Delay Time External input External output Interface Display Accessories
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5 – 40ºC

Shutter type switching : TIMER/BULB mode switching
External signal polarity switching : Timer setting
Number of times of opening and closing integration

5V – 24V

each CH 0.5A (current limit 1A)

0.2ms – 99990s

0.1ms – 999.9ms

0 – 5V Input 2ch, Interlock contact input

0 – 5V Output 2ch

RS232C (D-sub 9 pin female)

LCD ( with white backlight)

AC Adapter (DC24V), Interlock connector