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BIOS-Light for Inverted Microscopes BIOS-LT-S

We provide XY stages for microscopes at low prices.

Comes equipped with sample software for controlling PCs.
A joystick (option) can be connected to it.
Can also be used as built-in center aperture type stage.
Pulse control in microstep system
Content of basic set:
XY automatic stage, 2-axis stage controller, connection cable
An optional joystick controller has a 4-stage speed switching function
Sample programs are available for download from our website.
Please inform us of the maker and part number(model) of your existing microscope before purchase.
Some models of microscopes may not be supported.
Please contact the sales department.
Travel Distance [mm] X axis: 110 Y axis: 75
Resolution [µm] 0.1
Positional Repeatability [µm] ±1
Maximum Load Capacity [N] 29.4 (3.0kgf)
MAX Speed [mm/sec] 5
Interface RS232C
Applicable Microscope Olympus: IX series
Nikon: Ti,TE2000 series
Various Options
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BIOS-SH-A Micro plate holder
BIOS-SH-APS Micro plate holder
BIOS-SH-B Universal sample holder
JS-300 Joystick controller
MDR14-CA-2.5 Joystick connection cable
RS232C/STR-3 RS232C cable
Sample Holder

Sample Software

BIOS-Light (for inverted microscopes) Basic set
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BIOS-L101T-S Stage + SHOT-702 + Connection cable (basic set)
Microscope option set: Olympus IX series
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BIOS-L101T-S/AO Basic set + Adapter
BIOS-L101T-S/AO/J Basic set + Adapter + Joystick
Microscope option set: Nikon Ti, TE2000 series
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BIOS-L101T-S/AN Basic set + Adapter
BIOS-L101T-S/AN/J Basic set + Adapter + Joystick