Application System
Laser Processing
Laser Processing Systems
Shutter for High Power Laser

Safely interrupt the optical path by the highpower
laser mirror and beam.
Part Number SHPS-▢▢
JP ¥ 420,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663555321064
Clear aperture [ mm ] Φ8
Corresponding Output about 20W
Laser Damage Threshold 5J/cm2 (@266nm) - 28J/cm2 (@1064nm)
On-Off Speed about 200ms
Variable Attenuator

Light quantity of the high-power laser can be
continuously variable by PBS and wavelength plate
Part Number SVAB-▢▢A-O8
JP ¥ 362,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663555321064
Clear aperture [ mm ] Φ4
Corresponding Output 20W
Laser Damage Threshold 1.0J/cm2 (@266nm) - 5.1J/cm2(@1064nm)
Transmission Range 2 - 93 (@532nm)
Laser Beam Expander Unit

By lens configuration of the air gap, it is possible to correspond to
high-power laser and be strict collimation adjustment
in diopter correction mechanism.
Part Number BE/LBED series
JP ¥ 42,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663554007001064
Laser Damage Threshold 1.4J/cm2 (@266nm) - 4J/cm2(@1064nm)
Magnification ×2 - ×21 (@400 - 700nm)
Incident Clear Aperture[ mm ] φ1.7
Auto Focus Unit

By built-in laser sensor, it enables high-speed
tracking even for transparent object such as
films or glasses.
Part Number TAF-SS-OBL-3
JP ¥ -
Objective Lens 2× - 100×
Camera C-mount CCD camera
(element size 2/3 or less)
Travel 3mm
Trace Range
(Track Range)
2×, 5×, 10× : ±1.5mm
20× : ±500μm
50× : ±250μm
100× : ±100μm
±6.0μm (5×), ±1.0μm (10×),
±0.5μm (20×, 50×, 100×)
Surface Accuracy Guarantee Mirror

Guaranteed surface accuracy in integrated holder,
ideal for built-in locking mechanism
fθ Lens

Lineup in each wavelength, scanning area and focal length
Objective Lens

For from DUV to the near-infrared and for various
processing laser
Barrel Unit + Laser Introduction Block

Observation barrel of optimal coaxial epi-illumination
for the positioning of the micro-machining
Motorized Stage

Plentiful lineup from high precision type to high
rigidity long stroke.
Galvano Unit

Drawing high speed laser of high quality reducing the jitter and wobble

* it is available to assembly for each companys galvanometer.
Please contact to our international sales division.