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Search Methods
Search from catalog code

Catalog codes listed in this catalog are the original code of Sigma Koki.
You can save time looking for the same product on our web site which you found in the catalog.

You can jump to the product web page by entering the catalog code described in the catalog in the home page of Sigma Koki.

Search by product name or Part Number

type one or more search terms (product name or part no.) into the search box and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Search by Product Category

Find a product by navigating hierarchical product categories.
(Example) Mirrors → Frameless → Frameless Mirror Unit → Part Number ····

Products Pages

Please refer to PDF files for outside drawings, various data and specifications of products in details.

Quotation Request and Order Placement Procedure
Product information listing

You can request an estimate or place an order from a list of search results or
by using the specification table on a product introduction screen.
These pages show the product category, product name, part no., and prices.
Enter the number of units you want and click the "Add to RFQ list" button to add the selected products to your "Request for Quotation List ." You can enter select two or more products on the same page.

Display your Request for Quotation List

The Request for Quotation List shows the product categories, product names, part no., and prices for the products you selected.
If you do not need to make any changes, click "Request for Quotation" to finalize your selection.
Click "Delete" to remove a selected product from the list.

Submission of Request for Quotation

The screen shows the Request for Quotation list. Carefully review this information.
If you do not need to make changes, enter the following information, then click the "Submit" button to request an estimate or place an order. We will fax you the estimated cost, delivery date, and scheduled shipping date.

CAD Data Download

CAD data can be downloaded for products that have a on the specification list.

--- AutoCAD2000/2000LT format

Warranty period
The warranty period is one year from the date of product shipment.
However, there are some products that have longer warranty period than one year.

We will repair or replace products that fail or malfunction during the warranty period, provided that the products are used under normal conditions, as described in Web Catalog instructions or in the operating manual provided with the product.

Note that fees will be charged to repair products in the following cases, even during the valid warranty period:

Malfunction or damage caused by relocation or transportation after products are received by customer.

Malfunction or damage caused by incorrect use by customer.

Malfunction or damage caused by inappropriate repairs or modifications performed by the customer.

Optics is easily damaged products by handling. In order to carefully use the optics in a long period of time, please observe the following precautions.

Malfunction or damage caused by a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, flood, or lightning? pollution? nonstandard voltage? or external equipment or factors.
The warranty does not cover damage caused to other devices
by abnormalities, failures, or other malfunctions of the delivered Sigma Koki product.