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  • Notification for specifications changes in MPH-25.4R
February 2016

Dear All the Customers

Notice of End of Production and successor product of MHB-40

Thank you for your constant patronage

Please be advised that we will discontinue the Kinematic Mirror Holders (MHB) with successor products (MHL) Series, which performance and usability is improved.

MHB-40 will be end of production/sale as of middle of May 2016.

The successor product MHL-50S can be compatible with MHB-40 by assembling mirror adapter (MAD-50-40) and base plate (MHL-50BP). By assembling mirror adapter and base plate, MHL-50S will have the same mirror diameter, same optical axis height and same screw fixed point as MHB-40, and holder will be changeable.

Please refer to our website for detailed specifications for High Rigidity Mirror Holders,MHL-50S.

Although you might feel a little inconvenience, as for the customers using MHB-40 regularly, please consider using new product, MHL-50.

We appreciate your kind understanding and constant support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Discontinued part number New part number Remark
+ MAD-50-40
+ MHL-50BP
MHB-40M Custom product Modified as replacing
the adjustment screw of MHL-50S
to the micrometer head.

MHL-BP is base plate for MHL/KLH.
If you use post stands, base plates (MHL-BP) are not necessary.
You can mount the post directly to the MHL-50S.