November, 2016
Sales Department

Dear Customers,

Notice of the Part Number Change

Thank you very much for your constant patronage.

Please be advised that the part numbers of the Gimballed Beamsplitter Mounts (MHA-100S, MHA-130S) and the Dove Prism Holders (DBH-10) will be changed to reflect improvements in the specifications.
The new parts include all the functionality of the old parts.
The following tables show the specification changes.

The current versions will no longer be sold once stocks have been depleted. The new versions will be launched in the middle of November 2016.
If you request/order the current model, we will quote the newest models depending on old stock quantities.
Current stock status can be seen on the web site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

OptoSigma Sales Team
Product name Gimballed Beamsplitter Mounts
Current Model New Model
Part Number MHA-100S MHA-100SA
Compatible Optics
4-14.5mm 4-15mm
C 20mm 21mm
Part Number MHA-130S MHA-130SA
Compatible Optics
7-17mm 7-18mm
C 23mm 24mm
Product name Dove Prism Holders
Current Model New Model
Part Number DBH-10 DBHN-10
The scale plate Fixed scale plate Variable scale plate
A Φ59mm Φ60mm
D 39mm 41mm
The lever with without