Optical System & Interferometers
Catalog Code : W1001
Michelson Interferometer IFS2-MI-25

A basic shape interferometer used for observing surface accuracy of reflection samples.
It is characterized by two optical paths deflected orthogonally by the reflector.
The difference between the surface shapes of the reflectors installed in each optical path can be observed as distortion of fringes.

Product Name Part Number Quantity Optical Axis Height [mm] Qty Add to Cart
Laser Components IFC2-L 1 171
Spatial Filter Component IFC2-SF 1 165
Collimator Lens Component IFC2-CL 1 160
Mirror Component IFC2-M 2 173
Beamsplitter Component IFC2-BS 1 178
Screen Component IFC2-SC 1 222.5