Optical Cage Systems & Core Unit for Microscopy
Core Unit for Microscopy

CUMS series products are new tool to construct orthogonal 3D optical path using OBS series small aluminum guide and Σ cube.
It is not only a basic element for Core Unit microscope but also suitable to construct various kinds of optical path not only for beginners but also for professional R&D purpose.

Applications/ Combination Example

An adapter plate to convert P30 (Dia. 6mm rods, 30mm pitch between the rods) system into P16 (Dia. 4mm rods, 16mm pitch between the rods).
The f theta lens for CO2 laser is made by a single lens of zinc selenide (ZnSe). These are used in the laser marking systems.
A beam collimation checker for small beam diameter UV light that can be used with low coherence light.