Optics & Optical Coatings

There is a large choice of filters, their characteristics are thoroughly differentiated.
To choose the right filter characteristic may help you to increase your experimentation efficiency.

ND Filters

The transmittance can be fine tuned and offer the possibility of light intensity adjustment.
The metal coating reflection provide an extremly smooth transmission wavelength characteristic from the UV to the IR wavelength.

Filter Case


Motorized crossed roller stages that combine compactness, low-profile and high durability.
Air spaced two piece waveplates are suitable for use with high-energy lasers (no optical contact occurs).For Nd-YAG lasers and Yb lasers, the...
CU-171-CA01 is a set of camera (Argo, C-mount) and a adapter for CoreUnit microscope. C-mount camera can be installed in the optical axis by ...