Application Systems

Utilizing our technologies in optical field and precision positioning field, Sigma Koki is able to offer the products which are adaptable to a wide variety of needs for diversified market.

APAS: Automatic Polarization Analysis System

Automatic polarization analysis system of Sigma Koki provides the software and an optical system that are combined with a standard light source, optics, holder and detector. And it is available for dedicated measuring device as well as simple evaluation system. Furthermore, we can propose for a wide variety of measurement and evaluation applications.

Polarization component

We will provide the holder and various polarizing element as a device for assembling and research and experimental applications. From a wide range of line-up, you can choose in accordance with the objectives, specifications and budget.

Reflection Measurement Systems

This device allows the measurement of spectral reflectivity of small areas and on curvature surfaces.
For ultra-slim samples such as lenses with curvature or thin sheets, high-speed and high accuracy measurement of spectral reflectivity can be accomplished without being affected by the reflected light from the rear surface.

Beam Collimation checkers with optical path compensation

A beam collimation checker that can be used with low coherence light.

Long WD objective lens for zoom lens tube(SZL/SZLM).
Air spaced two piece waveplates are suitable for use with high-energy lasers (no optical contact occurs).For Nd-YAG lasers and Yb lasers, the...
These laser beam expanders are designed for use with a high-power laser.It supports a broader wavelength range than the current models.