Application Systems

A basic shape interferometer used for observing surface accuracy of reflection samples. It is characterized by two optical paths deflected orthogonally by the reflector. The difference between the surface shapes of the reflectors installed in each optical path can be observed as distortion of fringes.


D-TOP optical system offers a new alternative to the optical experiment. By breaking the stereotype that says “optical system can not be moved due to the heavy and large”, we propose a highly stable optical system that is capable of carrying with a compact size.

D-TOP unit

Configuration examples and characteristics of the optical system using the D-TOP

Multi-purpose holder that can be shared by 30mmCage system and core unit. Since the fixing screw is in 4 directions, it can be used as a hold...
A beam collimation checker that can be used with low coherence light.
It is a rod for configuring the cage system.