Application Systems
Laser Processing

Sigma Koki offers both the total system applications based on laser optical technology and the components in the systems as a unit product.

Scan Optical System and Focusing Optical System

For the maskless processing, it can do direct drawing processing on the basis of the data like CAD. It is usually classified as scan optical system and focusing optical system.

Variable Attenuator

Allows laser intensity to be varied continuosly with fine control

LD Power Supply

This is the power supply (supporting CW and pulse) for driving the laser diode (LD). The power supply for driving a Peltier element and cooling unit all-in-one type required for driving LD is also part of our lineup.

It is a holder for incorporating the objective lens into the cage system.
Designed for high stiffness while minimizing the height of the stage.
Protect eyes from accidental exposure to scattered lasers by using laser shield curtains or laser windows.