Holders & Mounts
Lens Holders

Lens holders are available for a wide variety of lens sizes and shapes.

Fixed Lens Holders

With a smaller diameter than traditional lens holders, these are best suited for optical systems where the holders need to be placed close together or have folded beam paths passing close by.

Three-axis / Five-axis Lens Holders

Multi-axis lens holders are a convenient way to align a lens to the optical axis. Typical uses include adjusting the collimating lens in laser applications.

Two-axis Lens Holders

Allows vertical and horizontal adjustment in a criss-cross manner within the plane perpendicular to the optical axis.

Retaining Rings / Delrin Washers

Accessories for mirror holders and lens holders.

Retaining Ring Spanners

Special purpose retaining ring spanner wrench that can support retaining rings of various sizes.

Caliper Variable Lens Holders

Designed to hold lenses with a range of diameters at a consistent center height.
Appropriate for applications where the lenses get changed out very often.

Adjustable Round Lens Holders

Holders for fixing round lenses of any diameter size.
Appropriate for use in applications where there are no lens holders of compatible diameter or the lens diameter is not decided.

Adjustable Cylindrical Lens Holders

Holders for square lenses (cylindrical lenses).
Easy to fix square lenses of any size with its sliding system.

Small Lens Claws

Holders for fixing small diameter lenses of φ15mm or less.

Fixed Multi-element Lens Holders

Special holders for multi-element focusing lenses.
Appropriate for installing focusing lenses in an optical experiment system.

Objective Lens Holders

Special holders for objective lenses. Appropriate for installing objective lenses in an optical experiment system.

It is a holder that can place a pinhole in the cage system and fine adjust the position of the pinhole in the plane.
FS-X is feedback stage with sub-micron resolution positioning..
It is a rod for configuring the cage system.