Holders & Mounts
Mirror Mounts

Each optics holder has its feature, there is always a holder fit your application.

NOMI LOCKTMModel Kinematic Mirror Holder

High stability Kinematic Mirror Holder with SIGMA KOKI’s unique locking mechanism (NOMI LOCKTM).
NOMI LOCKTM is a new type of locking mechanism that enables adjustment of the torque of adjustment screws.

Kinematic Mirror Holders

Remarkably stable and compact. Suitable for use close to other devices. Offers a sufficiently large, clear aperture for 45° incident beam.

High-stability mirror mount

Higher moment of inertia to maximize stiffness and faster to reach thermal equilibrium characteristics are achieved

Kinematic Mirror Holders (MHGT)

Improvement of the conventional design of kinematic mirror holders (MHG) brought a further reduced price.

C-Shape Stainless Steel Mirror Holders

This mirror holder is made by stainless steel and optimized for 12.7 mm dichroic mirrors and beamsplitters.

High Precision Kinematic Mirror Mounts

Precision 0.1mm thread pitch fine adjustment screw introduces high resolutions. It is thinner than MHG mounts.

Kinematic Center Mirror Mount

The mirror reflective surface of these kinematic mirror holders is not offset from the axis of the post even when the mirror thickness changes.

Small Kinematic Mirror Holders

Compact mirror holders with minimum necessary functions.
Appropriate for usage where operability of angle fine-tuning is not an issue and mirrors need to be placed within a limited space inside a device.

Gimballed Mirror Mounts

The gimbal structure allows the mirror angle to be changed freely at the rotational center of the mirror reflective surface.
Appropriate when dealing with laser beams or changing reflected beam orientation.

Gimbal Beamsplitter Holders

Gimbal mirror holders with narrow mirror frame for increased aperture at 45 degrees incidence.
Provide a transmitted beam diameter virtually the same as the reflected beam diameter.

Vertical Control Gimbal Mirror and Beamsplitter Holders

The space required for holder adjustment was eliminated from around the holder by making the control direction of adjustment screws vertical.
Holders can be installed close to each other, which significantly downsizes optical systems.

Beam Steering Holders

Beam steering mounts are designed to make it easy to change the height and direction of a laser beam.

Vertical Control Small Mirror Holders

Compact mirror mounts with vertical control. Small footprint. Vertical control realized compact layout with minimum horizontal extension.

One-touch Kinematic Mirror Holders

Mirror mounts with quick attachment feature and eliminated need for tools. Useful when optics are changed on a frequent basis.

One-touch Mirror Adapter

When mounted on the tilt mount, can be used as a mirror holder.

Topmike Vertical Control Mirror Holders

Kinematic mirror mounts accessible from top or side. Useful when mirror is located close-proximate of other optical devices or difficult to access. Both vertical and horizontal mounting is available with specially designed adapter plates.

High Rigidity Mirror Holders

Kinematic Mirror Holders

Kinematic mirror mounts with rigidity bracket and directly mounted to a baseplate. Usable as a holder of He-Ne laser or beam expander.

Vertical Control Gimbal Mirror Holders

Close-proximity Mirror Holders

Gimballed mirror mounts with single side holding mechanism. Possible to layout two mirror mounts at close-proximate.

Large Precision Gimbal Mirror Holders

Gimballed mirror mounts to hold large diameter mirrors over 100mm.
Optical distance is maintained at angular adjustment of large aperture mirror.

Large Precision Gimbal Mirror Holders
Adaptor Mount

Mirror mount adaptor for specific (unsual) optics size.

It is a holder for incorporating the camera and camera lens attached to the C-mount Adapter into the cage system.
Zinc selenide (ZnSe) meniscus Lens (ZnSe) is used as a condensing lens with CO2 laser (10.6μm). The meniscus designed shape is opt...
Configuration example for use with inverted microscope from Nikon (Ti2 series and Ti series).