Optics & Optical Coatings

Mirrors designed for the optical laboratory are produced by metal or dielectric coating on the polished glass surface by vacuum deposition.
Optical characteristics of reflectance with a variety of features are provided with the coating.

Super Mirror


First in the world of proposing a high stability and high laser damage threshold with integrated mechanical mirror. Using ceramic to assure a low thermal-Expansion with an optical finish.

High Power

Dielectric Mirrors for High Power
Aluminum Coating

This is a vapour-deposited aluminium mirror plane and the substrate is polished with high accuracy.
Designed for high reflectivity at any incident angle.

A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.
Optics, such as filter can be fixed with lens holder by mounting the filter case on the lens holder.
It is a holder for incorporating optical elements such as lenses and filters into the cage system.