Optical Tables

A simple optical bench without anti-vibration system, fit for simple installation for a quick experiment work.

Aluminum Honeycomb Optical Tables

Simple optical lab bench fitted with a table frame and rubber isolators placed between the bench and the table frame provides a basic level of vibration isolation.

Optical Tables

Basic optical table with excellent cost performance, setting a compact aluminum honeycomb breadboard (FB) on a simple table frame.

Aluminum Honeycomb Breadboads

Basic Laboratory Benches, Tabletop Only.

Compact Aluminum Honeycomb Breadboards

Tabletop Optical Breadboards

Breadboard Frames

Nonisolated Table.

Rubber Isolators

Rubber tile vibration isolators are designed to be placed at the four corners of an optical laboratory bench or other equipment to reduce vibrations.

It is a part for attaching the cage system to the post stand and compact Aluminum Rails others.
Mechanical electromagnetic shutter to turn on and off the laser or to emit for a certain period of time remotely.
A short focal length lenses with low spherical aberration is achieved by making the convex surface of a plano-convex lens into an aspheric shape.The lens is used for squeezing small illumination light or condensing...