Holders & Mounts

Custom holder.

Square Optics Holders

Holders for square plates such as flare plates (BBP), test targets and square filters.

Light Shielding Plate

Can be used as a screen for interferometers or Schlieren, or as a flare plate for stray light of a laser in optics experiments.

Test Target Holders

Holders used for optical axis adjustment of non-visible light laser etc. Fix IR sensor cards or van paper with spring clips, insert cross wires in the laser light to confirm the positional relationship of the shadow of beam and cross wire.

Beam Dumps

Beam Dumps safely terminate the beam of high-power lasers and high energy pulse lasers.
The laser light is scattered and absorbed in the beam dump and converted into heat.

Camera Holders

Holder for holding a camera.

Grating Holders

Holder specially designed for gratings (diffraction gratings).

Dry Plate Holders

Holder for holding a slim sample, dry plate or the like.

XZ Mechanical Stage

Mechanical stage for a microscope, combined with rack-and-pinion stages with dovetail-grooved guides, capable of fine motion in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Used to shade the light path, and is built into the C16 series Cage system using the dedicated holder C16-LSH-□□.
The lens hoder to be applied with Core Unit microscope.
It is important to select a sample stage that best suits your application in microscope observation.