Actuators & Adjusters
PKA (Ultrasonic Motor Driven Actuator)

These actuators have high resolution and high-speed.
Provies a compact shape with silent and remove activation.
Position can be held with the friction even when the power is OFF.

Translation Stages

Stage type actuator utilizing a cross roller guide with excellent rigidity and straightness.

Remote Control Mirror Holder

Compact ultrasonic motor driven actuator mounted on high stability model mirror holders (MHG series).

Compact Actuator

High thrust force produced by using ball screw design. Can be used to automate manual stages by replacing manual micrometer heads (travel: 13mm).

2-Axis Controller

Easy to manually control with jog sticks. Automatic control is possible by issuing simple commands from a PC connected via RS232C.

Vertical mounting type Z-axis stage that allows fine adjustment of 20nm or less by adding a piezo assist mechanism to the manual stage. Ideal...
Holders for transmissive optics that do not require optical alignment such as ND filters and color filters.
A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.