Motorized Stages
Piezo Motorized Stages

Sensor used for position detection of Piezo actuator.

Sigma Fine (Piezo) Stages (High Stiffness Type)

Nanometer resolution high stiffness flexure stages.

XY Piezo Stages Aperture Type

Two Axis Nanometer resolution high stiffness flexure stages with central aperture.

Piezo Actuator for Objective Lens

Objective lens actuators for upright inverted microscope employing piezo element actuator and digital sensor for feedback.

SFS Controllers / Cables

Single axis and three axis controllers for SFS series Piezo actuators.

Protect wider areas (width: 1000mm) compared to conventional YL-600 (effective width: 330mm), and offer excellent antistatic and fire retarda...
Higher moment of inertia to maximize stiffness and faster to reach thermal equilibrium characteristics are achieved by a hollow-frame design....
Cables for encoders to controllers and controllers to computers.