Tools (Others)

Multi Sepia Pens - Opaquing Pen

Multi Sepia Pen designed for use all type of film, it has sufficient density and block light transmission.

Metal Writers - Water / Solvent Proof (Heat-Resistant to 250°C)

Metal Writer is a water/solvent proof twin-point (0.3mm and 1.0mm) marking pen.Metal Writer enable you to write on metal, plastic, glass and paper.

Tension Checkers

Tension Checker is a must to achieve proper bonding between the materials and the inks, coating and adhesion.

Test Target

Used to determine or verify optical-system performance or numerical tolerance (resolution) in photographic technology.

X-axis stage that allows fine adjustment of 20nm or less by adding a piezo assist mechanism to the manual stage. Ideal for manual stage units...
A full lineup of optical fiber patch cables, designed for use with visible light through to infrared light.
Low outgas Ultrasonic Actuators for remote controlling in high vacuum chamber.