Vibration Isolation Systems

The must have in an optical experiments room, the anti-vibration table.

Silent Air Compressor

The silent compressor (with 10ℓ tank) is a low vibration and noise type ideally suited for providing compressed air to automatic vibration isolators.

Active Vibration Isolation System - Tabletop Type

It also displays high vibration isolation performance even for natural frequencies in the 1 − 2Hz low frequency range for air spring type vibration isolators.

High Damping High Rigidity Special Table Frame

Tabletop damping high resolution active anti-vibration system.

High-performance Vibration Isolation Systems with Aluminum Honeycomb Top

Our highest performance vibration isolation system.
Utilizing independent mechanisms for the vertical and horizontal directions, this system achieves the high performance and efficiency required for the most demanding applications.

Large Vibration Isolation Systems with Aluminum Honeycomb Top

Precision air spring vibration isolation system. Best suited for isolating vertical vibrations.

Desktop Vibration Isolation Systems

Installation on top of a table or test bench makes these isolators ready for immediate use.
These tabletop vibration isolators are space-saving and effective for use with small optical systems and microscopes.

Guide on Special Orders for Vibration Isolators

We can provide a wide variety of sizes, shapes or precision not listed in the catalog or for additional processing of products listed in the catalog.

Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is a crystal which has excellent transmission characteristics in a wide wavelength range from ultraviolet ...
The f theta lens for CO2 laser is made by a single lens of zinc selenide (ZnSe). These are used in the laser marking systems.
Cables for connecting between motorized stages and controllers or drivers.