SGADVANCEE is software for making measurements and automatically collecting data by connecting to motorized positioning devices, measuring instruments, and controllers.
Designed to work with Excel, instructions for making the measurements, the resulting measurement data and additional analysis can all be incorporated into a single spreadsheet. Using SGADVANCEE makes it is possible to easily build measurement and control systems for a wide variety of measurement environments.

[Terminal Measurement Function]
● Positioning and measurement can be performed by listing and executing commands in an Excel sheet.
● Continuous process or step-by-step process can be selected.
● Use of SGTERM’s custom control scripts, “If”, “Jump”, “Loop” and “Print” in an Excel worksheet simplifies processing control.
● High speed operation can be achieved with buffering sequences in the Excel sheet before operation.
[Program Measurement Function / Excel Instruction Measurement Function ]
● Multiple repetition of positioning/measurement sequence is easily accomplished.
● Various functions are available such as manual or time-series measurement and count presetting.
● By creating Excel instruction files, both stage control and measurement with a measuring instrument can be performed simultaneously.
● Using this software in combination with motorized positioning devices offered by Sigma Koki, a positioning and measurement system can be easily configured.
● Measurement equipment or SIGMAKOKI motorized stage can be controlled separately with Excel Instruction Measurement Function.
● Program Measurement Function / Excel Instruction Measurement Function can operate multi-axis motorized stages.
● SGADVANCEE can control HIT-M and PGC-04-U.
◦ Measurement results are output to an Excel sheet making it easy to analyze and manage measured data.
◦ System configuration data can be saved as a “*.SGE” file, which facilitates setting of the same process again.
◦ RS232C※1/GP-IB※2/USB※3/LAN interfaces are supported.
◦ Compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1※4/10.
◦ USB Key (Option) is a software key to activate SGADVANCEE on any PC.
※1 RS-232C ports are available from COM1 to COM8.
※2 As for GP-IB, only GP-IB of National Instruments Corporation is supported.
※3 USB is only supported for SHOT-302/304 series, HIT-M, FINE-01γ/503 series, and OMEC-2BG/4BG series.
※4 Conditions when used with Windows®7/8/8.1/10 are as follows.
・Administrative right is required for installation as well as execution.
・32/64 bit versions are supported. Check on our website for the latest support status.
[+PLUS] *Option
◦ The function of SGLCES uses by SGADVANCE as +PLUS.
◦ The measurement which used more advanced measuring instruments, such as Spectororadiometers is possible.
※SGLCES was united with SGADVANCEE, and replaced with SGADVANCSEE+PLUS.


▶Installing the trial version will require entering a serial number. The serial number for the trial version is shown on the download page.
▶Please click here to confirm software version and windows version compatibility.


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