CU series products are new tool to constract orthogonal 3D optical path using OBS series small aluminum guide and Σ cube. It is not only a basic element for Core Unit microscope but also suitable to constract various kinds of optical path not only for beginners but also for professional R&D purpose. Abstract of the CU series products are shown in the link here.

1) Constructed microscope system products are in preparetion. The customers in urgent, please contact us. We will supply them as a customized product.
2) The products adaptable to optical cage system are also available. They can be assembled with existing system. ->  → CU-010CU-011CU-150CU-019

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▶Please refer to the videos below to assemble core unit microscope.
Assembly 01 Intstall Σ cube and mirror in CU-000
Assembly 02 Install rail for CCD
Assembly 03 Insert Imaging lens
Assembly 04 Insert camera with C mount
Note1 for Assembly 04 Larger cameras (ex. IICCD) are also available
Assembly 05 Light curtain horizontal axis
Assembly 06 Light curtain vertical axis
Assembly 07 Insert circular filter into the holder
Assembly 08 Insert dichroic filter into the Σ cube
Assembly 09 Assemble fluorescent green LED unit
Note1 for Assembly 09 Change direction of the fluorescent green LED unit
Note2 for Assembly 09 Insert red laser unit
Note3 for Assembly 09 Turn on/off the red laser
Note4 for Assembly 09 Insert the red laser unit into Olympus IX71
Assembly 10 Fix the sample stage
Assembly 11 Assemble the LED lighting for the brightfield
Assembly 12 Fix the objective lens
Assembly 13 Fix the sets of tools
Assembly 14 Turn on the white LED for the brightfield
Assembly 15 Turn on the fluorescent green LED
Assembly 16 Connect the camera with C mount
Assembly 17 Observe fluorescent bead
Assembly 18 Carry the microscope after it is kept in the case