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OptoSigma General Catalog 02  English edition available from July, 2017

OptoSigma General Catalog 02

(English edition) was renewed for the first time in 3 years!

The SIGMAKOKI group celebrates its 40th anniversary in April, 2017.
Upon reaching this milestone we proudly release our “New General Catalog 02”, actively engaging in “Monozukuri” (Manufacturing Spirit), and our world class “Red Carpet Service”. Our goal is to become your most trusted manufacturing partner and earn 100% satisfaction.

A complete offering of products from entry level to highly specialized. Please request and utilize the new OptoSigma General Catalog 02 (English Edition).

Covered Product Category

· Application Systems
(Microscope Unit, Interferometers, Bio-photonics, Laser Processing Systems,
Alignment Systems etc)
· Optics & Optical Coatings
(Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Polarizers, Lenses, Objectives, fθ Lenses, Expanders,
Focusing Lenses, Filters, Prisms, Substrates & Windows, Maintenance products)
· Holders (Mounts)
· Bases (Vibration Isolation Systems)
· Manual Stages
· Actuators & Adjusters
· Motorized Stages (Controllers, Drivers, Software, Piezo etc)
· Light Sources & Laser Safety
(Lasers, Detectors, Laser Protective Eyewear etc)

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