Application System
Catalog CodeW2034
Motorized 3-axis XYθ Stage UnitDAU-120A

Outline Drawing

Motorized 3-axis XYθ stage unit required for alignment of
TOSA (UV cure adhesive mounting type)/ROSA.

The Gimballed fitting mechanism unit for YAG laser welding can be mounted.
It is effective to use this unit in combination with a Z axis stage.
Use of the high stiffness and high performance stages enabled alignment with excellent repeatability.
Replacing the holders with compatible holders enables application extension associated with device change.
(Fiber holders, fiber rotation holders, fiber array holders, etc.)
Part Number JP Yen Axis CAD Qty Add to Cart
DAU-120A 518,000 3 axes DXFSTPIGSSAT
Part Number Axis X Y θ
DAU-120A Travel 50mm 50mm Move in the counterclockwise
CCW direction to ∞, and stop
at near 0 degree (-2.5°) in the
clockwise CW direction.
Resolution Full 2µm 2µm 0.005° / pulse
Half 1µm 1µm 0.0025° / pulse
Positioning Accuracy <6µm <6µm 0.15°
Positional Repeatability <1µm <6µm 0.02°