Application System
Laser Processing
Laser Processing Systems
Shutter for High Power Laser

Safely interrupt the optical path by the highpower
laser mirror and beam.
Part Number SHPS-▢▢
JP Yen 420,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663555321064
Clear aperture [ mm ] Φ8
Corresponding Output about 20W
Laser Damage Threshold 5J/cm2 (@266nm) - 28J/cm2 (@1064nm)
On-Off Speed about 200ms
Variable Attenuator

Light quantity of the high-power laser can be
continuously variable by PBS and wavelength plate
Part Number SVAB-▢▢A-O8
JP Yen 362,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663555321064
Clear aperture [ mm ] Φ4
Corresponding Output 20W
Laser Damage Threshold 1.0J/cm2 (@266nm) - 5.1J/cm2(@1064nm)
Transmission Range 2 - 93 (@532nm)
Laser Beam Expander Unit

By lens configuration of the air gap, it is possible to correspond to
high-power laser and be strict collimation adjustment
in diopter correction mechanism.
Part Number BE/LBED series
JP Yen 42,000
Wavelengths [ nm ] 2663554007001064
Laser Damage Threshold 1.4J/cm2 (@266nm) - 4J/cm2(@1064nm)
Magnification ×2 - ×21 (@400 - 700nm)
Incident Clear Aperture[ mm ] φ1.7
Auto Focus Unit

By built-in laser sensor, it enables high-speed
tracking even for transparent object such as
films or glasses.
Part Number TAF-SS-OBL-3
JP Yen -
Objective Lens 2× - 100×
Camera C-mount CCD camera
(element size 2/3 or less)
Travel 3mm
Trace Range
(Track Range)
2×, 5×, 10× : ±1.5mm
20× : ±500μm
50× : ±250μm
100× : ±100μm
±6.0μm (5×), ±1.0μm (10×),
±0.5μm (20×, 50×, 100×)
Surface Accuracy Guarantee Mirror

Guaranteed surface accuracy in integrated holder,
ideal for built-in locking mechanism
fθ Lens

Lineup in each wavelength, scanning area and focal length
Objective Lens

For from DUV to the near-infrared and for various
processing laser
Barrel Unit + Laser Introduction Block

Observation barrel of optimal coaxial epi-illumination
for the positioning of the micro-machining
Motorized Stage

Plentiful lineup from high precision type to high
rigidity long stroke.

High rigidity base series to support the stable
Galvano Unit

Drawing high speed laser of high quality reducing the jitter and wobble

* it is available to assembly for each companys galvanometer.
Please contact to our international sales division.