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Catalog Code:W2078
Laser Optical Tweezers - Mini2 LMS2

Cheaper and more space-saving than the conventional Laser optical tweezers mini.

It is possible to trap cells and biomolecules under microscopic observation in a non-contact manner with a laser beam.

The trapping laser uses near-infrared (1064nm) wavelengths to minimize damage to cells and biomolecules, and is capable of trapping fine particles around 0.2-20 µm in size.

By using the XY Motorized Stage for Microscope (sold separately), the trapped object can be moved to the desired position.

Laser Optical tweezers for optical system


The position of the laser beam is fixed at the center of the microscope's field of view.

This is a direct connection to the microscope, so the mounting adapter may vary depending on the model of the microscope. Please refer to the product diagram below to select a product.

In order to connect to microscopes made by other manufacturers, a turret for mounting a fluorescent mirror cassette is required. In addition, the use of a hierarchical structure (two-stage structure) is required for use with fluorescence observation (upper stage: laser, lower stage: light source for fluorescence).

To construct the system to a microscope, an assembly and adjustment fee will be required separately. Please contact our sales with the information about the manufacturer and part number of the microscope you are using.

Product Diagram

*1 LMS2 allows to connect to the core unit products or cage systems via CU-011. Compatible with constructed core unit microscope such as CUS-BF, CUSmini-BF, etc.

*2 Compatible with Ti2 series and Ti series microscopes of Nikon.

*3 Compatible with IX83 and IX73 inverted microscopes or BX series upright microscopes of Olympus. Select LMS2-AD-OL-IX to connect with inverted type and LMS2-AD-OL-BX
to connect with upright type.

*4 LMS2 may not be able to be connected depending on the options and installation environment attached to the microscope even with the above compatible models.
Please contact our sales for details.

*5 Please contact our sales for support of microscopes other than the supported models above.